Selecting a Contractor

Lawn Sprinkler in Action

Why choose us?

Before you select an Orlando contractor for your irrigation system, it may be useful to consider the following points –


Is the contractor licensed for this state? Yes, Bruce Hage Irrigation operates under the license of Bruce Hage, License # IS227.

System Warranty

Yes, Bruce Hage Irrigation offers a one year warranty on a newly installed system.


Will the contractor provide all necessary permits? Yes, All necessary permits will be pulled by Bruce Hage Irrigation prior to the installation. Inspections will also be filed by Bruce Hage Irrigation. Copies of permits and inspections are available upon request.

Back flow prevention equipment

An approved back flow preventer to be installed to local code and/or manufacturer’s specifications on all irrigation systems tied into a potable supply. 1994 Standard Plumbing Code 606.1, 606.3.4.1 .


Inspection Requiements – Rain Sensor

All automatic irrigation systems require a rain sensor to be installed. Florida Statute – 373.62

All irrigation heads to be a minimum of 12 inches from foundation walls/structure. Orange County Ordinance 98.35 Sec. 2304.6.3.6

All irrigation systems installed in a public right of way will require a right of way use permit from Orange County Public Works.


Does the contractor have liability insurance? Yes, Bruce Hage Irrigation is fully insured for your protection. A copy of liability insurance is available upon request.

All irrigation installers are full time employee of Bruce Hage Irrigation.