Dealing with Lawn Hot Spots

Do you have hot spots in you lawn? If it is April or May, I bet you do.

Here are a couple of simple things that cause spots and can be fixed easily within your Orlando irrigation system.

  • Check the system and make sure nothing is broken. Nothing broken? Good.
  • Now, check the heads, and make sure they are not being blocked by anything. If they are, move the item out of the way! Nothing yet? Good!
  • Now, let’s see how long each zone runs.
  • The fixed sprays that do not move should run for about 20 minutes to provide about a half-inch of water.
  • The rotors gear driven or MP rotators need to run for about an hour to give you the same half-inch of water.
  • If you have both rotors and sprays on the same zone, that might be the problem.
  • Last but not least, see how frequently the sprinklers are they coming on.
  • We are only allowed to water two times per week in Orlando. Odd addresses are Wednesday and Saturday. Even addresses are Thursday and Sunday. No watering between 10am and 4 pm.

That is the quick crash course for your Orlando irrigation system. Usually, one of these things will fix your problem. Broken, blocked or not running enough.

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