Florida Winterization of an Irrigation System

This is how I winterize my Orlando irrigation system:

Simply put, I stop watering so much. Last year I installed a Solar Sync to my irrigation system. The Solar Sync made my Hunter Pro C controller a Smart controller.

The Solar Sync re adjust my runtimes according to the weather. It automatically increases and decreases my runtimes. It knows how hot or cold it is, and if it is sunny or cloudy. It has a rain sensor and a freeze sensor. I just make sure it doesn’t get out of wack with the power issues we sometimes experience in Florida.

The best time to install a smart controller is now the beginning of the winter. If you install it in the summer you will see a higher water bill. Install it in the winter you will see an annual savings.

The best part is, If you have a Hunter Pro C it only costs an additional $250 for the Solar Sync plus installation. That is the cheapest Smart Controller you can find.

Call Bruce Hage irrigation at 407-275-0804 to learn more about this service and how you can get it now.

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