Irrigation Winterization in Orlando, Florida

What is winterization, you say?

Well, in Central Florida there is no such thing. For the most part we water all year long.

Irrigation needs to be greatly reduced in the winter, however. When the weather gets hot you will need to water your lawn. Orlando’s unpredictable winter could have some days in the 30’s and some in the 80’s. When it is 80 degrees outside you will need water. Remember with less heat, watering amounts can be reduced.

For the most part you will only water a hand full of times from late December to March. Last year, I think I watered only 10 times in 3 months and most waterings were grouped together during hot spells. When it is freezing, NO WATER.

Keep your Orlando irrigation system working great and water when necessary.

For more information on winterization for your Orlando home, call Bruce Hage Irrigation at 407-275-0804.

Remember Keep it Green.