MP Rotator – Fact or Fiction?

The MP Rotator is being sold as a water saving device. A lot of salespeople are retrofitting existing systems with MP Rotators to make the system seem more efficient.

Well, don’t be fooled by the salespeople because these MP Rotators are not the next new thing. They are better in a few ways, but only a limited few. MP Rotators help when you have rotors and sprays mixed. You can install the MP Rotators in place of the sprays and increase the uniformity of the system.

Problems with the MP Rotator:

  • It takes a certain volume of water to apply half an inch of water to a lawn. It does not matter how you apply the water, just that the lawn gets the water.
  • MP Rotators are more fragile than the regular rotor head and they are more expensive than a rotor or a spray.
  • Switching to an MP Rotator will increase the run times. The MP Rotator applies water so slowly that it needs to run for between 40 minutes to an hour to apply half an inch of water. MP Rotators must run longer than sprays and about the same as rotors.
  • MP Rotators are less durable than the rotors or sprays. You will replace MP Rotators faster than the regular heads.

MP Rotators are a sales tactic for the manufacturer and the salesman. The only time MP Rotators  seam to work best is when you have rotors and sprays mixed. If you have rotors and sprays mixed, the MP Rotator is a good way to fix theirrigation system without a major renovation. However, don’t get caught up in the salesman’s smoke and mirrors.


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