Now it should be 2 times a week!

This morning it was over 70 degrees out! It is time to add the second day to the irrigation system. You should be running the irrigation about 20 minutes on the spray zones and 60 minutes on the rotor zones. If you are doing the 20 / 60 you should be applying about 1/2 inch of water per watering. This is less than the 3/4 of an inch that ST Johns allows. We are going to save the last 1/4 inch to add as it gets hotter outside.

By August you should be around 30 minutes on spray and 90 minutes on rotors.

Only add time if you see stress in your sod or plant material. If you are adding run times and see no stress, you are wasting your money and our water. A little stress is good. Its like exercising your lawn and landscape.

If we can help you with anything please call 407-275-0804 Bruce Hage Irrigation.

Keep it Green!