Time to Turn Back Your Irrigation

Well here it is, time to turn back your irrigation controller.

When it is time to re set your clocks or “Fall Back” it is also time to turn back yourOrlando irrigation controller. We will only be able to water 1 time per week. Odd addresses can water on Saturday only and even addresses can water Sunday only. NON Residential properties can water only on Tuesday. There is no watering between 10am and 4 pm as usual.

We will be able to increase run times when we change our clocks again. So “Spring Forward” means we get to add a day of watering. Well at least two times a week is better than ONE!

Check your Orlando irrigation system and make sure it is working properly.

If we can fulfill your irrigation needs and even do sprinkler repair in Orlando. Call Bruce Hage Irrigation at 407-275-0804.

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