What Questions Should I Ask About A New Irrigation System?

Here is what you need to ask your contractor about your new irrigation system:

  • Is the license holder a regular employee or just a person you buy permits from?
  • What type of coverage do you provide? The correct answer is head to head AND matched precipitation! This means that the water is applied evenly. 100% coverage just means it is wet, but can be uneven.
  • What kind of warranty do you offer? Be sure their warranty is at least one year.
  • Do you have liability insurance and workers compensation?
  • What type of material? Make sure they do not buy what is on sale. The material should all be the same brand.
  • Make sure they do not mix rotors and sprays. Make sure they install rain senors and backflow prevention devices. Make sure pipes are buried 8 inches deep for 1 inch and smaller. Make sure they call in locates.
  • Check the cost of the system.

This should help you separate the men from the boys. If you would like anestimate on a new irrigation system, call us today at 407-275-0804!

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