You Need a Rain Sensor!

Yes, you need a rain sensor. Yes, they are required by law. Yes, they do save water. And yes, they can help you fight off problematic additions to your lawn and landscape such as fungus.

A rain sensor will help you from over-watering. Too much water is bad for the lawn and landscape. Too much water is also bad for your wallet.  A rain sensor is not a “perfect device “,  but it will help save water and money.

When we are having our afternoon rains, we need to make sure we do not over-water. It may rain on one side of the street and not the other. A rain senor is always home and always sees the rain. A rain sensor does not sleep.

You will see some stress in the lawn until it gets used to a little less water. Long term, rain sensors are wonderful. You should save about 10% of your water a year.

If you need a rain sensor, give us a call.

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