You’re Wasting Water and Money!!!

As I drive to work in the morning, I see a lot of irrigation systems in Orlandowasting water. The first waste is when your irrigation system is running after we just had an inch of rain. Make sure your rain sensor works!

The other waste is when your irrigation system has broken and/or mis-adjusted heads. When you water the street with a mis-adjusted head, you are just wasting money. When you run your Orlando irrigation system with a broken head, you are wasting money as well. This is compounded when you do not need to water because of rain.

First, turn your irrigation system off or install a rain sensor. Second, check the irrigation system and adjust the sprinkler heads. Third, fix any broken sprinkler heads you may have.

Some people are saving about $100 per month by fixing their irrigation system and/or installing a rain sensor. Save the $100 per month for March, when your lawn will need the water.

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